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Promotion via print media in digital age still matters which includes stuffs like professional posters and flyers, advertisement in local business stores, banners, newspapers advertisement, etc.

Aggressive social-media branding which includes official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

A dedicated visual program in official (or associated) tournament YouTube (or satellite) channel to get more familiar with the tournament as well as providing more visibility to associated sponsors or investors.

A professional organized press conference area with proper setting where player or coaches will communicate with media as well as the background providing printed visibility and exposure to sponsors.

Distinguished commentary panel which can help promote the talents in display in an adequate manner, analyze and predict the potential future stars for national teams.

Expert shows in pre and post-match sessions inviting key cricket public figures of Nepal talking its impact, players doing well in the ongoing tournament and possibilities to them turning into decent to brilliant options for Nepal’s international cricket duties.

Cricket Clinic for Kids

Out of many similar ideas, Cricket Clinic for Kids will be a prime activity. In between innings break of 40 minutes, there will be a selected bunch of young kids participating in cricket activities and simultaneously having fun learning about the sport. Collaboration with different schools through PABSON and NPAPSON will be made to ensure the participation of large number of kids on each match day. Each day there will be a different clinic on aspects of cricket. Every such session of cricket clinic will be trained by renowned coaches. Kids playing in front of thousands of spectators at ground with lively fun filled cricket environment along with DJ music will be an experience than kids will relish for days to come and help them fall in love with the sport. A carnival like experience will help parents to enjoy the occasion as well. Especially, the smiles on their faces to see their kids enjoy will give them immense satisfaction.


Recently, Rahul Dravid, India’s junior team coach, proposed a plan to help young cricketers get training and jobs in order to be equipped for both life and a career outside the sport. According to a report in The Times of India, Dravid met with Board of Control for Cricket in India officials to discuss the program which will be aimed at improving the life skills of young players. Scholarships provide an opportunity to earn an education. In a country like Nepal, where young kids are still deprived of quality education due to financial situations of the family, more so the ones who are pursuing a career in sports. Nepalaya International is looking to help those in need and lad who has potential and talent to be the national player in future. Scholarships lessen the financial strain on many of them and allows them to concentrate on the sports or any other alternative career they choose.